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Once you enter our church property, feel free to drop your family off at the Main Entrance by the patio. Our helpful parking attendants will direct you to a parking spot. Our property is fenced in providing security while you are enjoying the services. There are many parking spaces reserved for the handicapped and elderly for your convenience.


Once inside, you will find our Pastor and his family, along with the ushers to greet you. As this is a big place they will assist you in getting everyone settled in the right departments.

  • For those with children from newborns to three year olds, we have excellent nursery facilities with trained workers who will lovingly care for your child during both the Sunday School and Church services as well as on Sunday and Wednesday evenings.

  • During the Sunday School hour we have graded Sunday School classes for every one ages four through adult. We have several adult classes for you to choose from and our staff will be delighted to help you determine which one you would like to attend.

  • During the Morning Church Service, we also have Children’s Church for the 1st through 3rd graders and Jr. Church for the 4th through 6th graders. The teens and adults worship in the Main Auditorium. Of course you may keep your children with you in the Auditorium if you choose.

The Services

Once everyone is settled in a class or church setting you will find yourself in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Feel free to sit anywhere in the auditorium that you choose. If you have a large family, the ushers will be glad to help find seating to accommodate all of you together.

  • Before the service begins you will notice a great deal of warm and lively fellowship. We are a family and service times are like a reunion where we enjoy each other’s company to the fullest.

  • We love to sing at Heritage Baptist Church and each service is filled with the wonderful Gospel songs that are part of our spiritual heritage.

  • Various soloists, small groups, ensembles, and choirs provide special music at each service to prepare the heart for the message.

  • We use the King James Version of the Bible and encourage folks to bring their Bible so they can follow along.

  • The preaching is designed to be enlightening, instructive, inspiring, and challenging. Our pastor preaches in a manner that even the children can understand the message and receive a blessing.

  • At the end of the sermon there is always what is called an Invitation where folks are invited to come to the altar and pray. For those who do not know Christ as their personal Savior, the invitation is when they are invited to come and one of our workers will take them through the Bible to explain God’s perfect plan of salvation. You may also see folks receiving Baptism or being received in the Church as members.

Heading Home

Once the service is finished there is always a lot of fellowship that goes on. Feel free to stay and enjoy the friendliness of our church family.

  • You should go to pick up your children in the nurseries or Children’s Churches. We never dismiss the children to come and find you for security and safety reasons. Our workers will stay with your children until you arrive.

  • Our men will be in the parking lot after the service to direct traffic as cars are exiting the property and backing out of parking spaces. They are there to keep everyone and their cars safe.

Our desire is for your first visit to be an enjoyable and blessed one. Our Pastor, our Staff, our Ushers, and our entire Church Family will do their best to make you feel at home.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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