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Heritage Baptist Church held its first service on Wednesday, July 12, 1978 with 17 people in attendance. The first Sunday service was held in a rented building located at 12 Chapel Street in Yalesville, CT. There were 20 present in both the morning and evening services. In August of 1982 the church began to lease the Whittlesey Ave. Elementary School from the city of Wallingford and in 1984 they were able to purchase the building and property, where the church continues to function.
Heritage Christian Academy, now known as Heritage Baptist Academy, began in August 1981 with 42 students, K-4 through 12th grade. The school has run continuously since that time with graduates living and serving around the world. Our school offers a traditional classroom setting with top quality educators to help students achieve their best.
Over the years the church has developed a heart for Missionaries and currently supports 71 missionaries on almost every continent around the world. Our annual Missions Budget is over $89,000 per year and is supported through the Faith Promise Giving of our members.
Our current pastor arrived in Wallingford with his family in May 1998. Along with his wife, Trina, and three children, Tim, Sarah, and Anna, they began their ministry on the last Sunday of May. Today Tim is an Assistant Pastor at Heritage serving as School Administrator and Young Married Couples Pastor. Anna’s husband is also an Assistant Pastor of the Church serving as Youth and Music Pastor. Sarah is married to Dillon Meister, who grew up at Heritage and serves in the United States Army. They are currently stationed at Fort Campbell, KY.
In May 2006, Pastor Bish became deathly ill while on a preaching trip to North Carolina. For the next two years he battled pneumonia and cancer resulting in a below the knee amputation of his left leg. Our church rallied around the pastor and his family, and he remained as steadfast in his work as his health allowed. During that time the church experienced miraculous growth as the Lord blessed a praying people. As a result of his struggles our pastor authored the book, When the Touch of God Hurts, which has gone around the world and has been a help to thousands of people going through trials in
Today Heritage Baptist church has a great number of ministries: Nursing Home Ministry, Prison Ministry, Filipino & Spanish Ministries, Teens, Children, Young Adult, Young Married Couples, and  Senior Saints Ministries, Missions, Academy, Music, Bus Ministry, and an Addiction Ministry, to name a few.
The church has a vision for the future and is always sensitive to the leadership of the Lord in establishing new ministries to reach and minister to new groups of people.

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